Obst Stelzer GmbH | Wholesale sales in vienna
The most important wholesale market sale with many years of experience in Vienna
wholesale sales, Experience, Vienna
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Wholesale sales

With over 60 years of experience, we are among the most stable traders in the fruit segment at the Vienna/Inzersdorf wholesale market. Having primarily traded in apples and strawberries, our assortment today now includes vegetables, berries, pomes & stone fruit, as well as tropical fruit of various kinds. In our local fruit and vegetable season, we obtain our products from our own production in Stubenberg as well as from carefully selected farmers within Austria. In the import sector, we maintain very strong relationships with wholesalers and agencies known for their quality and variety. Our farm, the fruit storage facility and a well-organized transport network allow us maximum flexibility. You are welcome to personally convince yourself of our quality standards; our contact details and opening hours can be found under the menu item “Contact”.

From blueberry to mango, nothing is impossible!